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Highly recommend!

Our repairman arrived at 9:30 am (with a window from 9-11). He was courteous, helpful, and gave a full explanation about what he was doing, how the problem originated, and how to keep it from happening again. Some people give you a good feeling instantly, and that was the case with this gentleman. I trusted him completely, and when you know nothing about refrigerators, trust is pretty important. It was a very informative and pleasant experience!!

– Ginny M., San Francisco, CA, yelp.com

Well what can you say about a place that you called in the morning, the repair guy called out for a diagnosis with 2 hours, he got the part within another 2 hours and the fridge was fixed by the end of the afternoon?

Very professional people who know what they’re doing. I never thought getting a fridge repaired would be a nice experience. 🙂

– Lunazza O., San Francisco, CA, yelp.com

From the time I called to the time the repairman arrived..evaluated the problem, gave me an estimate and then returned two days later with part in hand and ready to repair my subzero refrigerator…I was never disappointed,his name was Tony, and along with being truly responsible, reliable, a man of his word..he was pleasant, knowledgeable and very professional..he also went the extra mile by fixing my small refrigerator to be better situated in the space so it would be a far better fit and perhaps retard another problem’s appearance..he seemed to be really rooting on both his success and mine which coincided completely that day…do not be put off by it seeming like a triage service at first..the technician’s they send are very well-trained…I will not hesitate to use them again!

– Robin H., San Francisco, CA, yelp.com

Emil came, replaced (several parts), and conquered (my 18 year old SubZero fridge that is). These people know their craft. They are competent, courteous and clean. Will use them again when the next appliance needs surgery.

– B H., San Francisco, CA, yelp.com